• Participants are trained online by watching 5-minute entertaining videos called “Missions”.
  •  No training for teachers is required.
  • Participants gain instant access to content, and can be matched with younger students almost immediately.


  • Students receive immediate clarification of information they do not understand.
  • 321Dragons Mentors reinforce previously-covered academic material with students in need.
  • Teachers can choose the subject or activity for which mentoring would be most beneficial.
  • Participants feel comfortable asking for help in this non-threatening situation.

Builds Self-esteem

  • 321Dragons fosters encouragement and makes every student involved feel good about success and improvement in school.
  • Older students prove invaluable for crossing the generation gap and communicating with younger peers.


  • 321Dragons is structured so that students, mentors, teachers, and even the schools benefit.
  • Structuring constructive peer relationships leads to improved learning, friendship, and social growth.